Asian Hair Coloring

Asian women are known for their glossy black hair. However, sometimes women just like to punch things up a bit and go with a bit of hair coloring. There are important considerations for Asian hair though. Asian hair is naturally thicker than other types of hair. With this trait, it makes it harder to color your hair. Unless you really know what you are doing, take home hair coloring kits will have little effect on changing your hair color. They just weren't made for Asian hair in mind. It is best to go to a hair color specialist and especially one who has experience in dealing with Asian hair. Still, it is always best to understand the basics of hair coloring just to keep an eye on the procedure.

You should discuss with the colorist on what type of colors best suits Asian skin tones. In general, because of the dark hair and eyes, Asians hair will look good with warm colors: red, auburn, dark or golden brown are good choices. Stay away from violet and blue blacks. This just deadens the look of the hair. For those who want to hide their grey and white hair, don’t do it with a black hair color. Since black hair is extremely hard to match, it gives off an unnatural look.

The colors to avoid also include brassy white and platinum blond hair. That is not to say Asians can’t go blond but you just need to be the right shade of blond. Again, you need a good hair stylist to do this because going so many shades away from the original color can be quite traumatic if not done right.

A good hair colorist will use products that are designed specifically for Asian hair. He/she will also instruct you on the care of your hair in order to maintain its shade for as long as possible. He/she can also recommend hair care products such as shampoo for color treatments that will help the color lasts longer and to avoid dry scalp problems. When washing your hair, use cool water as it helps to lock the moisture and the color in by tightening the cuticle. Conversely, avoid putting the hair under too much heat as that can break down the outer layer of the cuticle causing faster color fading.

With these hair coloring tips, good luck in find the right color for you and may the experience be wonderful. New hair color is a wonderful way to complete a makeover!