Finding Foundation for Asian Skin Tones

Asians are a diverse people and we are all unique individuals. Therefore, finding the right skin foundation for your Asian coloring might be difficult. You might have anything from an ivory complexion to a tanned complexion. You might have a pink undertone to your skin or a yellow undertone to your skin. Most people get quite confused because unlike the Internet, nobody is a yellow smiley or a pink blushing smiley either. Things are not really that clear cut. For Asians to find out what their undertone is, check the veins of your underarms. If you have green veins then you have a yellow undertone. If your veins appear more bluish, then you have a pink undertone. Try this while looking at your skin in natural daylight. It might sound weird but this is an easier indication than something as subtle as differentiating between yellow or pink undertones!

Now that you have determined your undertone, match the correct shade to your skin. When trying to find the right shade of foundation for your skin, match it against your jaw line and neck area. You are trying to blend it and make it look natural. Having the wrong foundation color leaves a noticeable line right along the jaw.

Asians generally fall between the yellow or golden undertones, so you might want to try natural beige colors. Other Asians might be more fair skinned and if that is the case, try ivory shades or other lighter shades. Asians can have a tanned skin tone as well and they match well with buff shades or dark nudes. If you find yourself falling into two foundation shades buy them both. You can always mix the right shade for yourself! Individuals also buy more than one shade depending on the season as they become darker or lighter (even though you should always wear sunscreen!) but it could be due to your physical well being and just lighting can become a factor.

Finding the right foundation for Asians can be hard to pin down due to all the diversity of Asians and other factors such as lighting and season. It is subjective after all, and there are always professionals that can help you decide. Go to a makeup artist and have them teach you the ins and outs of a beauty system like Jan Marini products and then match your Asian skin tone while providing you with complete color palette that is individual to you.

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