Makeup for Asian Eyes

The most distinctive feature for Asians is our eyes. Asian eyes are almond shaped and lots of Asians have issues with the lack of a double eyelid. It can be difficult applying eye makeup and people might think that the shape of their eyes is hard to work with but this is not so if you know how. All it takes is having the right tools, having the right technique and choosing the right colors to complement and to play up to our Asian eyes.

First off the tools of the trade are: a slanted small angle liner brush, a shading brush, a smudging brush and blending brush. Once you have assembled your brushes, it is time to prep the eyes.

Before applying any make up to the face, you need to have a base product. Use an eye cream that contains vitamin E to minimize the appearance of dark circles and fine line wrinkles. Next, use an eye primer that will smooth the textures and help blend the oncoming eye shadow colors.

With the brown eyes and black hair, Asians are blessed with the ability to wear pretty much any color eye shadow under the rainbow. For a day time look, sandy neutrals from champagne to chocolate browns flatter most Asians. For a more dramatic nighttime look, go bold by trying emerald and seafoam greens, turquoise, copper colorings, and deep purples. Whatever color you decide on, choose three colors of the shade in the same family from light, medium to dark.

Dust the lightest shade from your brow bone to the lash line. Next, apply the medium shade with your shading brush from inner crease to outer crease of your eyelids. You’re trying to create the illusion of double eyelids with eye makeup so you want to make sure that everything blends in. Use your brush back and forth until you get the look of a soft, air brushed appearance. Next, line your eyes with your darkest color with a water proof pencil or gel liner. To soften the harsh lines, smudge it around the lash base.

There you have it! These are the tips and tricks of how to apply makeup for Asian eyes. It might take awhile getting used to it, but the efforts of accentuating the uniqueness of Asian eyes are worth it. Work with what you have and be proud! Have lots of fun experimenting!

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  1. Any photos? BTW, have tried the eyelid tapes (I read about it at or anything similar? It sounds like a great make-up idea, but I'm not sure if they are convenient to use.