Asian Makeup Tips in a Western World

If you are an Asian living in the Western world, it can be hard to find beauty tips for Asians that are specific to our coloring and physical stature. Following beauty advice written by and targeting Westerners can lead anywhere from to humorous to disastrous results. If that’s the case, there’s the stigma of “trying too hard” which results in even worse outcomes than not having tried at all and going natural.

Some examples of wrong choices made often by Asians include: picking the wrong tone for the foundation, an inappropriate hair highlight, and wearing a color palette that does not suit our skin coloring at all. This is understandable since there are very few prominent Asians in the Western media in which we can emulate. However, since this is the day of the Internet, there’s no reason why we can’t search for pictures of Asian women that we admire. Even though we might not understand the words of the website in which the picture was posted, images themselves speak a thousand words. Save those pictures of Asians that you admire and who you think you look like the most. Print these pictures off and the next time you go shopping, take them with you. Refer to these pictures as you make your next purchases for your beauty regiment. Or, if you are unsure, ask the sales person or stylist for guidance. If it looks like they are not familiar catering to or knowledgeable about issues specific to Asians, visit your neighborhood China town. They are bound to know what works and what doesn’t work for an Asian people.

It is a personal choice whether you wish to play off your Asian features or not. Living in the Western world, you might be biased towards Caucasian ideals of beauty. This is a purely a subjective opinion. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There can be some criticism when one chooses to look too Caucasian as not being true to their ethnicity. In the long run, no matter what the current fashion trend is, no matter what are the hottest make up products being promoted, or whatever else is the look du jour, if it doesn’t suit your style, or look right on you, then the point is moot whether or not it is Asian beauty or Caucasian beauty. You can only work with what you have. The idea is to be the best possible you and to have the knowledge to do it.

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